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Entry #2

Thank you for the listens!

2015-09-08 12:03:38 by spikel

Whoever you are, thank you for listening to me and supporting me. I'm lucky to have so many well liked ambient-electronic tracks I'd never even dreamed of getting 100 listens when I started. To have over a thousand listens on some tracks is extremely flattering. Thank you. I will compile every track I've uploaded here and share it for free in a couple days for convenience.


And of course, my first album Aimless is on bandcamp. I didn't do it for money and you can stream it for free. It's $3 to buy I think it's a fair price and obviously I'm not getting rich, every dollar goes a long way for me. Pretty much all the tracks can be found for free on NG. A couple are under me and my brother's account Running Shadows but those 2 tracks were 100% me (I hope we'll have our own seperate album some day)

Making music is my main hobby, it brings me a lot of joy to work on music. A lot of frustration as well, but I plan to do what I'm doing for a long time. So thanks everyone for listening, thank you for the reviews (I am very open to critical feedback), and thank you for the votes.


Michael Giblock


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