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Fun game! Thank you for using my music :)

applessmillion responds:

No problem ^_^ thanks for the review and comment!

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The beginning sounds better than the rest. I'm gonna guess you haven't been producing music too long, and don't take that as an offense. In fact composition wise I think you are more fluent than me and many others. You need to work on mixing bass, and bass is difficult. In fact it's better to have a trebly mix than a overly bassy muddy mix because it literally distorts and ruins the mix. But what you have here, you can work with, you just need foundation. A bassy instrument that follows your chords, bass is very easy to compose! The hard part is getting a feel for the mixing of the bass. I don't know what software you are using. But if you have fl studio, try the Parametric EQ 2, and just put it in the master mix first, don't mess with it here. Just look at the visual feedback, you'll see most of the feedback on the higher end aka the right side. So when you mix your bass in, check back to this to see how your overall mix is balanced. If you start to see heavy coloring in the lower range (left side) , then its prolly too bassy and you'll here this in the mix. Just experiment with it. You do really need to experiment with bass for sure, and it doesnt need to be stressful. If you know how to use external vsts, the TB303 vst is one of my faves. If youre using fl studio, check out the TS404 and really focus on the "cut" "Envelope" and "res", and the attack, decay, suspense, and release. If youre super confused, message me pls:)

MysteriousPresence responds:

A lot of people advice me to work on the bass !
You're totally right, that's something missing of my tracks ! I'm gonna work on how to use this instrument and add a bass in the future ! ^^
As for the software (prepare your heart, don't die please), I'm using GarageBand (I hope you're still alive) ! I assume this software is really poor compared to others, well my GarageBand is a little better as I downloaded recently all the instruments from Logic Pro X (a better GarageBand) !
But I've been saving money for 4 months, and I now have the budget to buy Producer Edition of FL Studio (the one I would like -SYTRUUUS <3-), there's just one problem : when will it be available on Mac ? :'3
Thanks a lot lot lot lot lot lot (yes, 6 "lot") for the review, I'm sure this will help me ! :)

Hey dude, this is quite a piece of work you've put together. Excellent, slick use of automation gives it a nice edgy feel. It sounds really high tech and you've done it seemlessly, great sound that takes quite a bit of effort! I'm jealous of you for having Omnisphere ;). It reminds me a little bit of the music for The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy, just in a more futuristic setting.

5stars from me, I didn't really expect any less to be honest but you've been progressing quite a bit for a long time.

Keep it up.

SkyeWint responds:

Hey, spikel!

Interesting thing, there's actually barely any automation, almost *all* of this is automatic effects or raw note parameters.

Omnisphere is sweet. If you can, you should totally save for Omnisphere 2. It's worth it. Trust me. :D

Yay I'm in this one! yea this is one of my favorites it brings back memories :D

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